The industrial canal lock symbolize the essence of New Orleans by physically linking the Mississippi River to the Lake Pontchartrain.

The Industrial Canal lock replacement is a chance to reconnect the Lower Ninth Ward to the rest of the Orleans parish, enabling a continuous and coherent development from the city center to the eastern parish line. The parcel and its location invite us to a reflection on both infrastructural and cultural issues. The improvement of the different flows crossing this complex node can reactivate the eastern part of the city as well as the plots along the Industrial Canal. This reconnection attempt also have to respond to a lack of cultural facilities in an area highly influenced by gentrification.

PDM_ggam02_140326-71 PDM_ggam02_140326-61

“The site acts as a bottleneck for both the shipping industry and the city development. As tugboats are waiting an average of 11 hours before going through the small lock, gentrification and demographic diversity are waiting at the drawbridges to cross the canal.”

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